Harvesting clean energy in offshore environments. For more than five decades, the Odfjell companies have harvested resources from the harshest environments offshore. Now the time has come to harvest the wind. 

Making floating wind simple

Most people can make complex challenges complicated. Solving complexity in simple ways takes competence, experience and creativeness. Industrial scale floating offshore wind represents a number of such complex challenges and we are well equipped to solve these. 

Our mission is to accelerate the development of floating offshore wind. We want to make floating wind simple – for ourselves and our partners. It’s a wind win! 

The energy transition is the challenge of the century, and Odfjell Oceanwind combines 50 years of experience from operating in offshore harsh environments with 20 years of experience from floating offshore wind to create floating offshore wind solutions for the future.

We believe that the key to scaling floating wind is to deliver on four main elements:

  • Predictable and affordable cost of energy
  • Minimum lifecycle impact on climate and environment
  • Industrial efficiency
  • Close collaboration with local communities and relevant stakeholders


We are committed to the UN sustainability goals with a particular focus on the following:


7 – Clean energy


12 – Responsible consumption and production


13 – Climate action


14 – Life below water


15 – life on land


17 – partnership for the goals