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Our standardised floating wind unit is based on our proprietary Deepsea Semi™ foundation, a tower and wind turbine generator up to 15MW.

The Deepsea Semi™ is a moored, steel semisubmersible, qualified for the harshest offshore locations. The units may optionally come with an integrated power module; 

• WindGrid™ for off grid electrification of oil and gas units

We also offer solutions for;

• ImportGrid™ for import and distribution of power from shore

• ExportGrid™ for export of power from a wind park 

Our WindGrid™ for off grid applications uses hybrid technologies to enable stopping the fossil fuel generators (diesel or natural gas) in periods with wind power production, increasing reductions in CO2-emissions by up to 60% compared to conventional power generation from fossil fuels.

The Deepsea Semi™ is designed for industrial mass production to facilitate the lowest possible LCOE without compromising lifecycle integrity. 

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