ODL – bp Alliance agreement for platform drilling and well services


Odfjell Drilling has entered into a long term contract with bp which includes a tripartite Alliance Agreement, along with Baker Hughes, to further develop the Clair field in the UK continental shelf.

The firm period is valid to Q1 2025 plus 2 x 2 year options. Under the contract, Odfjell Drilling will continue with the provision of platform drilling and drilling maintenance services on three of bp’s platforms in the UK North Sea (Clair, Clair Ridge and Andrew). In addition, Odfjell Well Services will also provide integrated services covering equipment rental, well bore clean up and tubular running services. The contract has recently commenced and replaced the previous platform drilling contract between Odfjell Drilling and bp.

For more information, please read the attached bp press release.

For further queries, please contact:

Gillian Basson, Corporate Secretary
+44 (0)7796 547889

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
27 May 2021
Odfjell Drilling Ltd.

bp press release

Micro-grids are power grids not connected to the public electricity grid and are often powered by fossil fuels like natural gas or diesel.

We operate as a “shipowner” and our MOWUs are provided on a rental basis to our clients. MOWUs can be bundled into different scale wind farms installed near the client. At the end of the rental period, we move the MOWUs to the next location, reusing all assets. Odfjell Oceanwind’s MOWU is the first floating wind turbine designed to truly support mobility, with efficient mobilization and demobilization as a result.

Our unique rental business model is flexible and with a short mobilisation time. This allows us to contribute to a faster transition to renewable energy, a valuable tool to reach the world’s emission reduction targets.  Odfjell Oceanwind’s WindGrid™ hybrid solution enables a reduction of CO2-emissions of up to 70% compared to conventional power generation from fossil fuels.

The world’s best winds are located in harsh environments offshore and we are well set up for harvesting these resources. We have analysed decades of wind data to determine how we can secure predictability for our consumers, as well as a commercially sustainable business model.

The energy transition is the challenge of the century, and Odfjell Oceanwind combines 50 years of experience from harsh environment and 20 years from offshore wind to create flexible wind power solutions for the future. By merging these core areas of expertise, Odfjell Oceanwind is positioned to realise opportunities by leveraging existing technology with innovation to lower the costs involved with offshore wind.